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Fertility Support

Mother and Baby

Natural Conception Support

I'm here to support your fertility journey with personalized care & natural solutions. Acupuncture targets conditions like PCOS, endometriosis & fibroids, enhancing your chances of conception. Let's create a plan tailored to you for optimal success!

Acupuncture IVF

My personalized approach combines acupuncture seamlessly with your IVF journey, providing support from preparation to post-transfer. With multiple sessions, stress reduction, immune support, and uterine relaxation, acupuncture enhances your chances of success. Let's work together to optimize your fertility journey and fulfill your dream of starting a family.


Acupuncture IVF Appointments

Incorporating acupuncture around embryo transfer enhances IVF outcomes by improving uterine blood flow, hormonal balance, and nervous system equilibrium. I recommend a 30-minute session before and after transfer to ease tension, optimize blood circulation, and support successful implantation. This personalized approach aims to nurture your body's natural processes during this crucial phase of your IVF journey.

Acupuncture and Egg Freezen

Acupuncture, along with traditional Chinese medicine, aids in creating favorable conditions for healthy egg development by balancing hormones, improving blood circulation, and promoting nervous system relaxation. Starting acupuncture one to three months before egg retrieval, and continuing weekly sessions throughout the stimulation phase, enhances the chances of success. Personalized acupuncture care offers invaluable support on your journey towards motherhood. Let's work together to nurture your fertility and realize your dreams.

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