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Acupuncture and IVF Transfer Appointments (Pre & Post-Transfer)

Studies have shown promising outcomes for IVF when acupuncture is incorporated around the time of embryo transfer. This is attributed to its ability to enhance uterine blood flow, regulate hormonal balance, mitigate contractions, and promote nervous system equilibrium.


I recommend scheduling a 30-minute acupuncture session within 24 hours preceding your embryo transfer. This session will encompass acupuncture techniques and potentially other complementary modalities. Specific acupuncture points will be targeted to induce relaxation in your nervous system, thereby easing uterine tension and minimizing cramping and contractions.

Additionally, certain points will be stimulated to optimize uterine blood circulation, fostering a conducive environment for a thicker uterine lining.

Enhancing Embryo Transfer with Targeted Acupuncture Sessions

Following your embryo transfer, it's advisable to undergo another 30-minute Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment within the subsequent 24 hours.

This session will further focus on calming your nervous system and enhancing blood flow to the uterus, aiming to prevent contractions, nourish the implanted embryo, and heighten the likelihood of successful implantation.

This personalized approach aims to support your body's natural processes during this critical phase of your IVF journey.


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