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Pregnancy Support

Expectant Couple

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness, common in pregnancy's first trimester, may result from hormonal changes. Acupuncture offers relief by regulating hormones and reducing nausea, promoting relaxation. As a licensed practitioner in Manchester, I've seen it significantly ease discomfort, enhancing the pregnancy experience. Let's work together for your comfort and well-being.

Labor Induction and Breech Position

Acupuncture provides effective labor induction for both older and younger women. For older women, it addresses age-related challenges like reduced uterine efficiency. For younger women, it offers a gentle, natural approach to initiating labor. The treatment plan involves relaxation techniques and acupuncture sessions tailored to each stage of pregnancy, promoting a smooth labor process. At Moxay, we're dedicated to supporting you throughout your pregnancy journey for a positive birth experience.

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Care

Transition smoothly into motherhood with postpartum care tailored to you. Our holistic approach combines acupuncture & personalized support for your physical & emotional well-being.

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