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    Acupuncture Manchester Moxay

    Sandra Acupuncture in Manchester


    It is a pleasure for me to introduce myself and to be able to offer my services and place my knowledge at your service.

    With over 13 years of experience, I have been very fortunate to be able to pursue my passion and treat people according to the highest standards of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in Manchester.

    British acupuncture federation
    Acupuncture in Manchester


    Acupuncture in Manchester | Testimonial

     Diana Lopez , Irritable Bowel.

    After more than 2 years going to the doctor doing gastroscopies, colonoscopies, food allergy tests and not being able to eat anything outside the home... i was desperate!!! So i went to Moxay, where they make me a treatment, it was based of acupuncture sessions and a individual healthy diet with beneficial foods  for my problem.

    Thanks to Moxay i have been happy again and I can lead a normal life"


    Martha, Endometriosis.

    "I have to say thanks to the acupuncture sessions and dietary recommendations that Sandra gave me, my endometriosis focus was reduced, so my pain in the pelvic area went away and the daily bleeding disappeared.

    I am very grateful to have found Sandra."


    Acupuncture in Manchester: testimonial
    Acupuncture in Manchester: testimonial

     Sarah, Weight Loss.

     "I could not be happier with Sandra's help on this path of dietary changes

    and with my loss of 88 lb in 6 months. Thanks to the weekly auriculotherapy sessions, my anxiety about food was regulated by not starving with the new


    I have learned to lead a healthier lifestyle by improving my self-esteem."             


      Mathew, Lower Back Pain.

    "When I went to Moxay i thought I had no remedy, because after much physical effort that my work requires, the doctor told me i had to wear a girdle in the lower back for life.

    After the acupuncture sessions and the massage with the gua-sha my pain disappear and the girdle too."


    Address: 64 Osborne Road, West Point 

    M19 2DY, Levenshulme.

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